milnrow improvised project

 aims & objectives

inspire people to be creative and develop

individual awareness through creative expression

         iDVD QuickTime Carrara iMovie GarageBand Canvas

 wornlimproject was developed with free software

 a computer image was created with reference to old photographs
further experimentation with images inspired ideas
iMovie was used to edit photographs into a gif type animation
music was imported into iMovie after first editing in GarageBand
a routine incorporating images music editing was developed
this formed a basis for a learning curve

carrara 3D basics free software
with no prior knowledge learning animation was embarked upon
 many routines within the animation software had to be learned
every routine was kept at a basic level so as to evolve the learning in such a way as to develop the routines equally
slow progress was made

 3D animation is actually 4D with

the dimension of time 

        time is represented on a linear scale       
hours  minutes  seconds  fps  
keyframes.are.added on the linear scale 
 registering objects in time within the animation

e.g. a cube could be key framed at 0 seconds

move cube position key frame at a 6 second interval
reset time at 0 seconds press play button
      the cube would during the 0/6 second interval travel from one key frame

position to the other
 the procedure could then be rendered into a
6 seconds animated movie

with emphasis on practical referring to the tutorial when needed
   .inspiration for the initial animation idea came from the morph character on tv
....carrara 3D software made development of this idea fairly compatible

some sort of idea is needed to make any progress

carrara 3D being free had very basic procedures
 the implementation of ideas did require some innovation
.which proved to be invaluable during learning resourcefulness became the way to go
the animation procedures beyond basic required hours of patience
  occasionally a rendering procedure would take 20 plus hours
  patience was beneficial for learning
 time for ideas to be evaluated and improved upon

more free software became available

carrara 5 pro  carrara 6 pro
these more advanced versions were adapted to the project
 developing the project with free software
 maintained innovation and resourcefulness
which in turn transferred to development of the project on line

 interest is the motivation for achieving objectives
 if you like what you are doing interest is naturally with you
helping learning and creativity
it could be any art form music  poetry  painting
anything that involves the creative process and is of interest
  interest in wornlimproject focused on the creative process 

this website represents a project that has been evolving since 07

individual awareness through creative expression

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